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The patent attorney of Ukraine offers the following services

  • Preparation of a patent application, sending it for registration and maintenance till receiving the official document for: the invention and utility model; and industrial designs; trade-mark (marks for goods and services, trade names, a product name etc.) Patents and Certificates to ensure the applicant the exclusive right of property;

  • Preparation of the Licence agruments for joint use, reassignment, the reissueing and transfer (selling) of property rights provided by the Certificate for a trade-mark and the Patents for inventions, utility model etc;

  • Alteration of the Certificate for a trade-mark and of the Patent. Prolongation of the terms of Patents and Certificate after their expiration;

  • Prolongation of the term of the Certificate for a trade-mark (trade-name), payment of duties for action of Patents, etc.;

  • Development of trade-marks, logotypes, trade names with their following registration and receiving the Certificates for the sign for goods and services (in Ukraine and other countries);

  • Carrying out the examination of the patent objects for novelty, purity and patentability before their registration;

  • Addition of types of activities (completion of registration), specified in the Certificate for a trade-name, including the reclassification of goods and services in accordance with the Ukrainian classification;

  • Preparation of an international patent applications for invention, utiliry model; trade-mark (signs for goods and services, trade names, a product name, etc.);

  • Carrying out the work, connected with patent studies in accordance with standards DSTU 3575-98 and 3574-98(report on the patent studies, a Patent form, an information card);

  • Following the contracts concluded with insurance companies and connected with risks of dishonest use of objects of intellectual property;

  • Making the legal services concerning the break of right of intellectual property; payments, of author fees, preparation of statements of claim and so on;

  • Consultations relating to dishonest use of property rights, including the receiving of fees for use of Patents and Certificates for trade-marks;

  • Preparation of business, letters, for requests of examination, on break of property right, payment of duties for action of patents, prolongation of terms of trade-marks after their expiration;

All these procedures are accepted and will be carried out on the basis of contracts between Parties as soon as possible.
Patent for an invention, invention registration
Patent for an useful model, useful model registration
Patent for an industrial design, industrial design registration
Certificate for an Marks for Goods and Services, trademark registration
Certificate for an registration of copyright on work, copyright registration, copyright

Patent for an invention

Patent for an useful model

Patent for an industrial design

Certificate for an Marks for Goods and Services

Certificate for an registration of copyright on work

Ukraine patent Attorney

Professional services are in the area of intellectual property, namely: providing of defence of rights for ownness, that belongings to the articles of industrial ownness and copyright (inventions, useful models, industrial designs, trade marks, copyright, patents, certificates)

     trademark registration
     invention registration
     useful model registration
     industrial design registration
     copyright registration

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